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Quote from fuzzyfacedog View Post :
Insightful review:

"The design though is awful. Whose bright idea was it to have a tab on the side that SNAPS ON TO THE IPAD??!! Not to mention to prop the case up (for movie viewing etc) you have to unsnap the left side. So basically if you want to wear a nice mark onto the right side and left corners with just normal use and aesthetically destroy an expensive electronic gadget, then this is the case for you. STRONGLY recommend finding another case. "

I have the Poetic brand of this case (Same thing) and the snapping it off isnt bad. I always use mine with the stand so my bottom snaps are always off anyways. Not an issue for me. The nice thing about this compared to the old case that I had (Targus) that could spin landscape or potrait is that it is much more slim and it holds in the grooves way better.

BTW I ordered a red one since it was only $5! Now I have red and black (Wife has White)

(Red one was 5.10 this morning and others were free prime shipping but it looks like they took off the prime and left if just free standard shipping)