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Quote from bobma View Post :
even the pros know you are wrong when it comes to PQ in a controlled environment.

you need to get your head examined....... said "controlled environment." Do regular consumers who use these cameras subject to controlled environments? I don't think so.

I've already explained, it won't matter, because you won't see a difference unless you zoom in closely at a piece of the picture. Again, stop trying to justify your purchase to others. You can keep bragging to other people that D3200 is a better purchase than D3100 but your pictures won't turn out any better. I'm pretty sure if I put pictures from these two cameras side by side you won't see which picture is from which camera. I've probably spent more money than you on DSLR's and actually compared them in real world scenarios, and there really is no significant difference that justifies spending 33% more for a D3200 over a D3100 in terms of picture quality. The higher pixel density screen does come in handy on the D3200.

And again, almost every single article I've read and professional enthusiasts always suggest buying better lenses than "upgrading" your camera body.

I've gone from D3100 to D5100 to D600, and the biggest difference I've seen in picture quality is the leap from DX to FX. All the DX cameras are pretty much the same. You're still limited by the sensor size. Plus, if you are in the market for an entry-level DSLR, then you should know there's a reason why D3200 is termed "entry-level." You lose a lot of the features professional cameras have. You will eventually want more customizable features anyways, so I would just skip all of this and buy a more professional camera such as the D7100 or the D600/D800/D800e.

My biggest regret was buying an entry-level camera, because I eventually wanted to graduate to a better camera. Taking photography is a hobby, and you will want more advanced tools later on.

Plus, now there is the D7000 refurbished for $599 on Adorama eBay, and this would be a better deal than the D3200 for $405. A D3200 retails for $550, so you're really only saving $145 for a refurbished vs. new with full year Nikon're not actually saving much here.

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