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Quote from Deals4Lyfe View Post :
Depends on the game, but I can play BF3 pretty nicely at ultra quality w/ AA turned down

and I only have a 7950 (although it's MSI's awesome TF3 version).
Playing BF3 on max at 2560 on the large maps takes 2x7950s with at least 3GB of ram.

I have 2x7970s and my gpus sit at about 80% during helicopter massacres with everything max and video ram creeps up to about 2.3GB. I use a catleap that was $330 + $45 for warranty but this deal is excellent and deserves a thumbs up.

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Great rebate Companies:

Patriot Memory ( 6 Weeks
Tiger Direct (4myrebate): 3 weeks
Rain-X (in house): 3 weeks


Biostar USA (motherboards) - 21 weeks
Xigmatek 26 weeks, 14 emails, 2 phone calls (finally received)
NZXT 21 weeks, 4 phone calls.