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Quote from mrwhitethc View Post :
Actually you can, something like this:

works on the PS3. PlayStation 3 can use USB soundcards, a lot work, some don't, not sure on this particular brand. but they do list PS3 compatibility here:

you would also need to connect it to say a stereo or TV with audio out. So it is possible, you just need to be resourceful to save some money or spend some extra money to get a headset that specifically works with multiple devices/consoles. So for the 5001st time, you can you just need where to look and how to accomplish what you want.
Most people ask that question because they DON'T want to spend the extra money, that's why I always address these inquiries in said manner.

In all fairness, I should have just said:

For the 5000th time, no, you can't JUST make PC headsets work on consoles.

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