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add me to the list. I had it happen with a Japanese seller through Rakuten in Japan. It was paid for with paypal but on an account I only used for that purchase. Within the next couple of days I had a paypal charge from that credit card and I KNEW it was from that Rakuten purchase.

I jumped on the Samsung 830 deal last evening here and I swore I would never deal with Rakuten again no matter how tempting the deal was, but someone mentioned in the thread about the account which is secure and hackproof for sites like Rakuten. I was intrigued and signed up for but maybe my mistake was signing up while in the Rakuten site. I noticed the URL was HTTPS which is secure, but the URL was Rakuten while I was filling out my account details and credit card information for Within a minute of that order being submitted I got an instant alert from warning me of an unauthorized charge from Rakuten for my order. I clicked that I actually placed the order, but when I went back to Rakuten it said there was a problem with my order but the payment options didn't include or paypal even, THEY WANTED A CREDIT CARD #!!!!!! To me this is obvious they are blatantly wanting credit card info for more fraudulent practices. BEWARE of Rakuten!