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Quote from Derek712 View Post :
can you comment on the screen brightness? I read it is really dim
Full brightness is pretty bright for me. On my desk at work w/ 4 other LCDs, it's the brightest screen.

Quote from fbueller View Post :
Yes, you can. I run Ubuntu Live off a USB drive by disabling UEFI and it boots right up.

There is no glass on the touchpad, so the guy who said it does is flat out wrong.

Wifi has no issue with a driver update. Easy.

It's as thin as an iPad.

It's slick as crap, I use VMWare to run an OSX image and it's better than a Macbook Air.

The guy above who wrote a comprehensive set of notes was dead on.

This laptop rocks, if you're waiting for Haswell you're wasting money. It'll be double the price for a negligible speed boost. Battery life with the external is at least 5 hours, enough for a cross country flight.
This guy is dead on as well. ;-)

Quote from charlie310 View Post :
You nailed it right on the head: only 4GB RAM max, only 128GB SSD max. Plus, I'm not sure how great the screen is. I'd prefer a higher quality matte screen non-touch vs. a crappier reflective touch screen.

That's why I prefer thin laptops over ultrabooks; at least you can make minimal upgrades.
The screen on this laptop is *very nice* and in no way crappy. Anybody who would call this screen crappy is either insane or has never seen it. It's gorgeous! If this were the worst screen I had, I'd be a very happy guy with my beautiful screens! Hell, I think this is about the best screen I have on any of my devices with my phone maybe being the only exception!