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Quote from Genius4sho View Post :
Dude, you royally F'd it up. You can see that you gave them the wrong UPC code. Notice how the UPC code on the $70 rebate says: "WD Serial Number..." WD stands for Western Digital, and that was the company that made that 1TB hard drive. You gave them the wrong UPC code! Smack

I guess I'm in a bad place too though... the scanners didn't pick up my UPC code (because I had tape over it) AND I just so happened to forget to scan my original files before sending them in.... they do have my files uploaded to their website though... Scratchchin

EDIT: Nope, nevermind they took my scanned files off their website. Woooooow, what a messed up company. Calling tomorrow and gonna give them an ear full.
What happened with this...I wrote them back and have yet to hear back from them, I only scanned the $70 rebate form since I figured that was the important one but since I have the wrong UPC on there I can either try to use someone else's UPC or bitch and then file a claim with my credit card company.