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Microsoft Surface RT tablet - $350-$450 ($150 price cut) - Starting Sunday 7/14
From []:

Quote :
Microsoft is planning to cut the price of its Surface RT tablets. Sources familiar with Microsoft's Surface plans have revealed to The Verge that the price cut could occur as early as next week, with each model being cut by $150. Microsoft's move to cut prices on its Surface RT tablets follow slow sales, and efforts to sell the devices elsewhere at lower rates. The software maker recently launched an education program to sell the Surface RT to schools at $199, and it has been clearing stock of its devices at its Tech-Ed and Worldwide Partner conferences recently.

The price cut will come just days after the company hinted at replacement Surface RT and Surface Pro models during its Worldwide Partner Conference on Wednesday. Microsoft is expected to refresh its Surface Pro with a Haswell processor, and the company has been testing Surface devices with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 processor. We're told that Microsoft is also planning to reveal new accessories for its Surface devices, including a battery-equipped keyboard cover that it has hinted at previously. The new Surface RT prices are detailed below.

Surface RT 32GB - $349.99
Surface RT 64GB - $449.99
Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover - $449.99
Surface RT 64GB with Touch Cover - $549.99

Update: Staples [] has confirmed the price cut in a listing in its weekly promotional ads. The price cut comes into effect on Sunday July 14th.
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Jay & Gloria playing charades:
Jay holds up one finger (indicating one word).
Gloria: The finger. The one finger. Pointing. Sky... Cloudy with the chance of the meatballs!
Jay: This means one word!
Jay: Facepalm