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That stinks. Have they said why?
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off topic: eBay is (nearly) shutting down coupon sales
- Sellers can only sell $100 worth per month
- BoGo / free Qs are banned outright.
- starting Sep 1st.

my guess is the morons who have photocopied coupons for free products then sold them on ebay and the manus. are taking huge losses over it. like $10 off one bottle of tide and van de kamps. making stuff 'free' and the idiots keep finding more brands to photo copy coupons of and people (stupid ones) buy the coupons and take them to the store trying to get tons of free stuff and end up arguing with the store who refuses to take them. I knew something like this was going to happen. there are a couple sellers who are making tons of money on ebay with their fake coupons and they won't show an actual picture of the coupon either, they use a 'logo' coupon of the product. and the idiots in droves are buying them up. someone posted to a seller that their store told them the coupons were fakes.
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