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Quote from doubleq7 View Post :
If the manufacturers can get ebay to shut down coupon sales, there's nothing to stop them from going after the coupon sellers when they open up their own websites. The coupon sellers will have to go underground with their customer list. Then the manufacturers will go after the newspapers to stop them from selling wholesale to the coupon sellers. No inserts = no coupon sellers. Then the manufacturers will go after the stores to limit how many Sunday papers you can buy in a shopping trip. It's a brave new world out there...
Then people will also start buying more generic and avoid having to use coupons altogether. DH and I already go to some grocery stores that sell more generic brands that are still packaged in colorful packaging and not plain label, not that this affects how it works or tastes anyway. Depending on which brand (still a branded name even though generic) sometimes the item tastes/works better then the better known brands. DH likes the generic orange soda much better than the name brand like Sunkist, and it is like the sale prices every week as far as cost. This family is not going to buy it if we can't get a good deal, unless it is something that the my girls just will die without Big Grin we'll just get the cheaper things.