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Quote from Truth51187 View Post :
1. I think this depends on the carrier.

2. There is slacker which I don't like in general but there is EasyTune which IMO is better than Pandora. You can sideload Pandora and I think spotify but they are not available in BlackBerry world.

3. You can sideload Google Maps BUT the blackberry maps are done by TomTom and IMO is great. Less "street view"/POI stuff but the navigation works great.

3. Yes Whatsapp/Twitter/FaceBook/FourSquare/LinkedIn are fully integrated and native.

4. (Not asked BUT) BBM is going cross-platform this summer, and is widely recognized as the standard in mobile messaging (the gap on iOS and Android that Whatsapp attempts to fill) also on BBM for Blackberry is free wifi VoIP calling and video calling. Better quality than Skype. These features (Video/Voice calling) will be added in the future to BBM text based messaging due this summer on iOS and Android.
Repped for being the first half way decent post in this entire thread and I've read every page so far. Every other person is saying the exact same freaking thing: great security, typing accuracy, expandable memory, a removable battery, a fast browser, etc. you people sound like a computer. We've had so many people ask about apps and not one person has talked in depth about any app until this post.

I want to know about their apps. Tell me about this porting process from Google Play store. I chose Android over iOS because Google Maps is the best in the industry. We got over 10 pages of posts and this guy is the first and only person to talk about the maps app on Z10.

People on this thread are myopic. They all sound like Phandroids, look at the phone, look at the specs, look at the numbers, look at the resolution. Nobody wants to look at the bigger picture, customer service and support, third party support and accessories, app store selection, games, etc.

Quote from HRNess View Post :
You've obviously never dealt with blackberry before. Try calling them with a problem. Try emailing them. And no, you don't have to drop it for it to break. 2 months in on a 9900 I got a fatal jvm error and the phone wouldn't start anymore. Blackberry referred me to my carrier for service, who said you didn't buy it from us, who referred me to the online store, who refered me back to blackberry. It went in be trash.

It's actually pretty clear if you go to blackberry website and read their warranty statement. They do not directly deal with service or replacement. Only through their authorized carriers or dealers like wirefly.
I gave you your first rep points, thank you for your informative post!

Quote from fhk View Post :
Hmm... this idiot took an unlocked Blackberry Z10 and iPhone 4S for a 5 week Europe trip.

- Z10 cut through firewalls effortlessly and connected to my office network. The iPhone kept staring at me.
- Z10 worked with offline maps. The iPhone racked up roaming data charges.
- Z10 took awesome photos with HDR and burst modes.
- Z10 has more fine grained controls to reduce roaming data charges.
- Z10 worked as a media server so I could see my pics and video on other screens such as laptops and TVs.
- Z10 backed up my media on Box and Dropbox redundantly during travel (integrated apps).

The iPhone kept staring at the Z10 during all those times Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
Wow, first post discussing picture quality, good to know, repped for informative post!

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