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Quote from stevenq View Post :
Repped for being the first half way decent post in this entire thread and I've read every page so far. Every other person is saying the exact same freaking thing: great security, typing accuracy, expandable memory, a removable battery, a fast browser, etc. you people sound like a computer. We've had so many people ask about apps and not one person has talked in depth about any app until this post.

I want to know about their apps. Tell me about this porting process from Google Play store. I chose Android over iOS because Google Maps is the best in the industry. We got over 10 pages of posts and this guy is the first and only person to talk about the maps app on Z10.

People on this thread are myopic. They all sound like Phandroids, look at the phone, look at the specs, look at the numbers, look at the resolution. Nobody wants to look at the bigger picture, customer service and support, third party support and accessories, app store selection, games, etc.

I gave you your first rep points, thank you for your informative post!

Wow, first post discussing picture quality, good to know, repped for informative post!

Thanks for the compliment Smilie

Okay.. Apps. With the new BlackBerry 10 software you can run most Android applications on the phone. BlackBerry has been encouraging (and has done really well) in getting Android developers to put their apps in BlackBerry World (BlackBerry's "Play Store"). There are a ton of apps there already both Android and Native BB... BUT if the one that you want is not... that is not the end of the road.

You can "side-load" applications. This is basically the process of taking an Android application file (a .apk file) and converting in one click into a Blackberry application (a .bar file) You can do this on-line easily and almost instantaneously.. and if you use a site like most Android apps have already been converted by other users and are easily downloaded. (Only free apps not paid.. these people are not pirating)

Then you put the app on your phone using a program.. There is a Google chrome extension that will do it quickly and easily I prefer DDPB (you can just Google and download it for free)

You put your device in Development mode (in settings -- one click) then press install on the software. Very easy... Crackberry is a great resource..

here [] for a step by step guide.

Like I said it is possible you would never need to do this, but if there is a specific app that you could never live without... BB made it relatively easy for you to load it up.. Very quick and easy.. (granted not as easy as them all being in BlackBerry World but BB has other features that are the big pull.. this just makes sure there is nothing holding you back)

ALSO it is worth mentioning that with the 10.2 update coming this fall we will be getting the Jellybean 4.2.2 runtime for Android.. which will only open the flood gates further.

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