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Quote from haggle_master View Post :
Card number 3 got hit today (7/15/2013). $10 donation to the "Green" party and a $1300+ charge to something I can't even recall right now. I was going to check my charges to see its relevance to, but bank of America shit down the account, so I can't check until my new card and account number comes in.

Damn, their deals and points aren't worth this crap. Using last of my points tomorrow and shutting down my accounts tomorrow. I hope that only card numbers were stolen and not the real important info.

*edit* just checked and card was still on file with main account. barely used the card in months...just 1 and beginning recurring charge from (BTW, they have no option to delete account except to contact them....WTF?)
Some would argue that their deals and points are good enough to deal with the reissue of a credit card, not ever thinking your CC company might not want to do business with you for taking on risky behavior they have to constantly flag.
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