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Quote from hawaiiandawn View Post :
In this forum, we are all here to help each other and learn. (Crikey. Almost two years since I have joined and someone had to explain what a particular smiley meant just last week. Stick Out Tongue) I learned something from a wise q girl a long time ago...."A coupon is a form of payment." Armed with that knowledge, don't fear using the q as long as you are using them as the manufacturer states.

I know there are a couple of websites around that offer to teach you how to coupon shop for a fee. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you there is NO NEED to pay anyone a fee to learn to shop. Smilie All you need is SD and the coupon love you can get here is amazing.

Coupon shopping takes one thing....the confidence to learn and try. It can be scary but you can do it. Again, no need to pay someone. There are many many Jedi masters here that like to help Padawans.

I know it seems like SD can be overwhelming. Especially for those with little time to peruse the entire board. Here are some of my fave threads...

Here's a thread with the rules. I like it because the first two posts have a good list of abbreviations for nooblets. There is some really good info in it too. Not just boring old rules....

Drugstore and Grocery Store Index and Information Thread

Need more q resources??

Sites To Obtain Extra Printable Coupons TYVM MFH. Smilie

Here is a current list of printable q's. TYVM to Bailey327 and Laulea2782 for all their hard work and to all contributors for their finds! hug

Printable Manufacturer's Coupon Compilation

A new fabulous addition here to SD is the Coupon Database. Thanks SD team!

SD Coupon Database

Having problems printing Brick's coupons??

Troubleshooting Bricks Problems TYVM AlanisRox69

Want to see what's coming?

2013 Newspaper Coupon Insert Schedule TYVM Shopnut. Smilie

A place to trade coupons....

DS Coupon Trading Thread From me. Smilie

A place to gift or receive coupons....

RAOK Thread for Giving Away Coupons TYVM MFH. Smilie

Here is a list of unexpired paper q's to match up with your deals....

Alpha List of Unexpired Newspaper Q's TYVM Thxslic and Shopnut. That thing is a monster to update I am sure.

Need to learn about coupon policy acceptance at your local stores? TYVM Shuri!

Store Coupon Policy and Acceptance Thread [http]

Grumpy cashiers not wanting to take your q's? Commiserate here...

What is the funniest, strangest, most off the wall reason a cashier has given you for NOT taking your coupons?

The Drugstore and Grocery Store Index and Information Thread is mod stickied to the top. Maybe you'd like to create a personal sticky of some of them? At the top of the thread, on the far right is a thread tool link. You can subscribe (my personal fave) or sticky any thread you like.

List of Common Abbreivations

Abbreviations Sitewide and/or Commonly Used Abbreviations in the DS forum (located in WIKI)

LASTLY......don't be afraid to ask! Read the wiki. (What's a and/or Wiki? It's the first post after the initial post in a thread. It can be updated by any registered user. Just like Wikipedia!) And then if you still have a question, I am sure someone will help. PM, IM, phone a friend or bat call. Just ask. Smilie

Afraid of the Wiki? Go here for some FAQ regarding the Wiki.

Whee YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!Whee

Whew! A lot to learn