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gang cut coupons is googleable without fear.

basically the term came into being during a sting when small mom and pop stores were swiping all inserts and turning in the coupons without papers ever being sold.

the sting occurred when they put out a coupon for a non existent laundry soap. The store s that turned in MQ for redemption were busted

so basically it refers to line em up and cut em

it was coined a phrase when it was line em up cut em and turn in falsely

all that said I sort and cut mine ten at a time Big Grin

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Maybe I should google this, for fear of seeing macabre images i am not,but what ever does gang cut mean? That you ordered it from a clipper? If yes, a very curious term.Confused
eta forgot to quote

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found [] my $.02 coupon,
so I can give my opinion without any oop Big Grin