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Quote from charlie310 View Post :
Dude, you need to chill out. If you learn to read, I was talking about getting a better quality matte non-touch screen vs. a reflective touch-screen. Logically, touchscreens cost more, so they could have substituted a better quality non-touch screen without affecting the price.

Even if someone thought the screen sucks, who freakin' cares? You didn't design or manufacture the ultrabook. It may be a revelation to you, but a lot of people hate reflective screens so get over it.
Then please don't confuse your preference with a judgement on the quality of the product. Those are two different things. If you don't differentiate them, then you will mislead others. You are calling matte screens "higher quality" and this glossy screen "crappier" is exactly that: very misleading. I was simply saying there is nothing crappy about the screen.

If you feel it's crappier because it's gloss and not matte, that's simply an opinion based on your preference and absolutely not based on the quality of the screen. Personally, I feel that matte screens offer inferior display to gloss screens but I'm not going to go call them crappier, just not what I prefer.

It's fine that we prefer different things, just don't allow your preferences to mislead others when talking about their quality!