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Panasonic TCL58E60 58-inch 120Hz Full HD 1080p LED TV $899.99+FS
Panasonic TCL58E60 58-inch 120Hz Full HD 1080p LED TV []

Product Features

Panasonic TCL58E60: 58" Class 120Hz 1080p LED TV

Before the Panasonic E60 Series LED TV ever made it to the market it was winning awards, 2013 Winner of the International CES “Best of Innovations”. This Panasonic 58-inch LED HDTV is a world-class feature rich TV with an enhanced Smart TV experience. Thanks to 240 backlight blinking technology you get reduced motion blur in action rich content like sports. The Panasonic LED TV also features Panasonic My Home Screen that lets you control how your favorite content is delivered to you. The TC-L58E60 also features Panasonic’s Swipe & Share technology that allows you to share content from your mobile device with your TV easily and seamlessly.
It All Begins Here…
When you power on your TC-L58E60 Smart VIERA LED TV you’ll arrive at the new and improved user interface, My Home Screen. This Smart TV platform allows you to fully customize your viewing experience to cater to your preferences.
You can create the perfect landing page with all of your favorite applications for easy access. If you’re a major sports fan you can load your home screen with applications like ESPN, Fox Sports and more. If you’re the “social butterfly” in your group, then you can load your home screen with social applications like Skype, Facebook, and Twitter.
The Smart VIERA TV is capable of retaining up to 6 different profiles. Video-on-demand services, your personal media, TV programs, and a rich social experience is right at your fingertips.
Virtually Endless Applications and Content
With the TC-L58E60, Panasonic 58” LED TV, you’ll gain access to the wonderful world of VIERA Connect. Panasonic VIERA Connect will allow you to tap into a nearly limitless amount of content, direct to your Smart TV. All that’s needed is an Internet connection (wired or wireless) and you can download games, update your social network status, and even stream movies or shows from services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Vudu HD Movies.
Full Web Browser
All you need is a connection to the Internet (wired or wireless) and you’ll be surfing the web in style from your Panasonic LED TV. The TCL58E60 VIERA HDTV’s web browser will render all of your favorite sites as if you were on your mobile device or PC. Sharing a website with your family is as easy as opening the web browser and navigating to the website’s URL.
It Can Talk!
Panasonic Smart VIERA Voice InteractionThe Panasonic LED TV also features voice guidance that enables your Smart VIERA TV to verbalize on-screen content, i.e. your TV will read aloud to you.
Built-in Wi-Fi
Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi of the TCL58E60, you don’t need anything more than an existing wireless network to get started streaming your favorite movies and shows directly to your TV. Your VIERA LED TV will detect available wireless networks and guide you through the easy setup process. Once your Smart VIERA TV is connected to your network you’re ready to start streaming.
Full HD 1080p Resolution
True greatness is in the detail and with Full HD 1080p resolution you’ll see why bigger is better. The Panasonic TC-L58E60 will remind you why you wanted a high-definition TV in the first place. Now all of your content, even personal media, can look its absolute best.
120Hz, 240 Backlight Blinking Technology
The Panasonic TC-L58E60 LED TV features the exclusive 240 backlight scanning technology with a 120Hz panel refresh rate. The Panasonic LED TV creates 120 images per second; then the backlight turns off in between frames giving your eyes a chance to reset between every image; the result is a crisp picture with reduced motion blur.

Game Mode
Take your gaming to a new level with Panasonic VIERA TV Game Mode. Game mode automatically calibrates and optimizes the settings to provide an optimal picture; it helps by removing the lag between the remote control and the actions on your Panasonic TV. Even darks scenes are beautiful and easy to see.
Now it’s easier to view all of your personal content on your DLNA-compatible TCL58E60 Smart VIERA TV. All you need is an existing home network and sharing files between devices is as easy as connecting all of your devices on your network, wired or wireless, and accessing the files from your Smart VIERA TV.
Media Player
The Panasonic TCL58E60 features a media player that is unlike any on a television you’ve seen prior to 2013. Simply plug in any USB device with your favorite media into your TV and you can view and edit them in real-time; you can add a simple frame to your photos and videos, and you can even create a slideshow complete with background music. The media player supports a wide range of formats, so you can view web movies and listen to PC-based music right on your TV.
Swipe & Share 2.0
With the Panasonic TC-L58E60 Smart VIERA TV it’s even easier to share content from your mobile devices with your TV. Simply swipe the media from your Smartphone or tablet towards your Panasonic TV and it will be transferred to your big screen for viewing or even editing! You can also swipe the content “back” to your mobile device and take it where ever you go. Now you don’t have to huddle around a 4.5” screen to share a video with your family. It’s as easy as a swipe of your finger to transfer photos, videos, and even music to your VIERA TV
VIERA Remote App
Panasonic’s VIERA Remote Application gives you a fun and easy way to control your VIERA TV. Simply download the free application from any iOS or Android app store and turn your tablet or Smartphone into a fully functional remote. The application goes beyond changing channels, volume, and inputs, you can also adjust picture settings like brightness, color, or contrast. It also turns your mobile device into a second screen to view personal images and photos that are loaded to the TV via the USB inputs without interrupting the current program.
Slim Design with Super Narrow Bezel
The Panasonic VIERA E Series LED features a sleek streamlined design that provides a creative focus for any room – even when it’s turned off. The super narrow bezel heightens the big screen experience.
Energy Star V 6.0 Compliant
2013 Panasonic TVs not only meet the standards set by Energy Star; they exceed them. Your Energy Star compliant Panasonic TV will help lower your utility bills, save energy, and leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.