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Goooooood morning sunshines! Wave

So, let me tell you all a little bit about my child (who turns 2 in Oct) who epitomizes the word oxymoron....

This kid can navigate her way around "her" iPad or her daddy's iPhone 5 like it is no one's business. She can unlock, find her PBS Kids app, and be watching Curious George in about 15 seconds. She knows how to find and play Fruit Ninja on the iPad (although she never gets a score above maybe a 3, silly child Stick Out Tongue) . She even found the Amazon Video On Demand app that was hidden in a submenu, and that we never use around her, and was watching Blue's Clues within a few minutes. Smartypants kid, srsly.


As is evidenced by the below pictures, she is that "special" kind of smart, haha. Apparently slides are designed for you to go face first, of course. And notice the entire EMPTY sectional, plenty of room for her to sit, and she sits in....a plastic storage bin. Really, child? Really?!?! She's definitely my kid alright, haha. They didn't call me Spacy Stacy for nothing!

RECAP for Wednesday, August 14

DEALS Gossip

Quote from shedevil2530 View Post :
I looked all over the place for the mio gift card deal. Do you know the specifics?
Quote from HDDVDTV View Post :
$5TGC when you buy 3 Mio, $3.49 each, $10.47. Good thru 8/24.
Quote from luvkittehs View Post :
Yes, and also good on Crystal Light liquids which has a nice $1/1 TP coupon out if you can find them (I found at Kroger-affiliate).

There are $1/1 Mio TPs out too but may be harder to find.

Quote from Rose247 View Post :
Noticed the Feed the Hungry line of womens clothing/ accessories were on 50% clearance this morning. Anyone notice when it went to 30%?

No TQs but nice enough items if it hits 70% plus redcard discount.
Quote from anepu View Post :
I found 120 load Gain powder for $7.48 (50%). Glade air freshner spray $1.48 (50%). windex electronic cleaner $2.48 (50%) mr.clean magic eraser $2.48 (50%) Tide to go 3pk $3.44 (50%). Clermont, Fl
Quote from sk8er View Post :
Hello! I am back after a long vacation in Europe.

I went to T today and I found the following (I am not sure if this has been mentioned):

* Ben & Jerry T Exclusive flavor berry and white chocolate (or something along those lines) at 50%
* AF Turkey Meatballs (frozen, in a box) - 70%
* there were other things such as Hot Pockets, some muffin tops, smart ones, and others but they were at the beginning of the cycle at my store.

* Up&Up liquid laundry detergent, 2 sizes, one scented, one unscented at 50%
* Up&Up drier sheets, 2 sizes, still 30%
* various glade and febreeze sprays, candles, etc. at 50%

*different phone cases, many and different kids books
* chocolates - Milka, Lindt Bags, all flavors - yummy
* chewing gums - quite a few different flavors

Quote from HDDVDTV View Post :
New TQs printing today:

Sara Lee or Ballpark hamburger or hot dogbuns 50¢ exp 09/14/13
Mrs. Bairds bread or buns 50¢ exp 09/14/13
Q & A Help

Quote from HouseMom View Post :
hi i wanted to know after reading the clearance part of the wiki still a bit confused so thought might as will ask...

i noticed the shave ice makers have gone on clearance its summer item so how long does it take to go down from 15% off to 30% off, 50%, and then to 70% off?
does it take ever 2 weeks like CVS does or every week?

and will it go down to 90% off if they still have a lot of them?
Quote from Tsarina View Post :
Most clearance items that go through the typical clearance markdowns (ie no "As Is" items) will have three markdowns before they are salvaged. Most food and big ticket items start at 15%, then 30%, then 50%, then salvage. Other clearance, like the shave ice makers, will go 30%, then 50%, then 70% before being salavaged. The only clearance that will go 90% off is holiday/seasonal clearance which is done automatically (ie there's no sticker on it, like Xmas or Easter items).

As far as how often they get reduced to the next clearance level, that is really a YMMV between the different stores, depending on if they are high or low volume, their stock, their customer base (ie do they live in a warm/cold/temeperate zone), etc. If the Sunbeam shavers are 70% at your store now, that is the lowest they will go, so grab one if you want one. If they are at 50%, you could buy one now and then return it if/when they go to 70% off as well. Up to you.

Hope that helps, if you have more questions feel free to ask, either on here or via pm
Quote from supersaver281 View Post :
Hope someone can help me. Unfortunately I do not have time enough to follow target on a regular basis. So my question might be a newbie question.

I am getting ready to go to target and I want to use the apparel coupons. I was thinking of looking in clearance section. If I purchase an item that was originally higher than $15 but marked down to $6.00 will the $3 coupon come off ? TIA
Quote from niko2k4 View Post :
Unfortunately the product's price, before coupons, must be >$15.
Still need answers.....
Quote from ShopStar View Post :
Does anybody happen to know if Suave lotion is included in the Unilever gift card deal? and if so, what the price is? Thanks so much, I really need some lotion.
Quote from aodizon View Post :
Sorry haven't been around much so I apologize in advance if this has been discussed already. Just want to ask if the light bulb deal includes the energy saving ones? I've always used the 13 watts that is equivalent to 60 watts. If yes, then I will definitely read all the posts I've missed related to this. Thanks.
THE TGEEK SQUAD (The T is silent Wink ) Computerpunch

Quote from slowtech View Post :
my dh's lappy that he bought in january had the same problem. all of a sudden couldn't print java q's except in IE.

you need to be on Java version 7.25.2 (the last .2 is mine b/c they upgraded 7.25 w/o changing the number. they are getting worse and worse.)

go into your control panel and delete whatever version of java you have, even if it is java 7.25 b/c that does not work either. and i'm saying this b/c i upgraded 7 computers w/in the last 3 days so they could print the 1/2 mead 5 star coupon from SS. catalina marketing also uses java. my 4 computers are constantly updated and all were on java 7.25 b/c i constantly print ip's. the other 3 are my neighbors who was on 7.09, 7.17 and 7.25. i would have upgraded the 4th but that computer ran out of disc space and wouldn't let me delete or add.

then download-

i did not have to reboot.

i don't exactly remember if this is new but in the 7.25.2 version a dialogue box pops up asking if you will allow java to run.

my neighbor has never been able to print java q's from her macbook air. she's more tech savvy than me.
Quote from Imp66 View Post :
Continuing the OT, but... the Java instructions for removal HERE [] indicate that add/remove software through the Control Panel is how to uninstall (I don't believe Java has a built-in uninstaller), and I'm assuming that's what slowtech meant when they said to go to control panel and "delete" it.

For the cleanest uninstall/install, you should reboot and then run the app found on the same page or directly HERE []. If it finds anything, reboot when it's done, download/install the latest version and reboot one more time.
Quote from slowtech View Post :
and one more thing about reinstalling java, if the afterprogram that detects whether java has been installed successfully says it can't detect java, don't worry, it only works maybe 25% of the time or even less. just try printing an SS ip. if you can print, it's working.

and another thing, don't forget to unclick the toolbar install b4 you install. it's difficult to uninstall it later. even yahoo's toolbar is lame. imo, having a google searchbox is the best.
Alrighty guys, hope everyone has a fantabulous day! And yes, I am doing my part to make fantabulous part of everyday speech, can't say it without smiling!

Toodles! Blowkiss
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