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Quote from laphroaigh View Post :
Read this before you waste your money
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I see a few flaws in CNET's little test, like choosing two completely different technologies and testing them both in the kind of room that plays best for the cheaper set, but the bottom line for me is that if nobody ever "wastes" their money on bleeding-edge technology, nobody will bother producing any more bleeding-edge technology.

Thumbs up if only for Seiki having the cajones to disrupt the market like this. You may call the set garbage, but Seiki is doing us all a favor by releasing these things.
This is a terrible review. Show some 4K content on the 4K panel and downscale it for the 1080p panel and re-compare.

There isn't really much 4K content available yet but I don't see why they're comparing a low-end 4K panel to a lower-end 720p panel. A $500 720p panel better good specs other than resolution to make up for it being just 720p.

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