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Quote from dealboy12 View Post :
I ended up doing the same a good 6 months back or so. Ended up spending around $85 and the battery has worked excellent! Not sure on longevity but the warranty sure made the choice easy.


Hey do you understand how the pro-rated warranty works? If it fails 4 years after the purchase date, do they give 1/5 the credit value of the battery or do they give 1/2 (2 year pro-rated)?
1)PLEASE avoid posting about CA sales tax & recycling fees
2)The "no HDMI, deal killer" joke isn't funny
3)Avoid comparing video cards to cars, the price ranges are completely different
4)You are NOT going to call your relative to SUE and if you are, you're wasting time
5)Why does Tigerdirect ask for your SSN? No clue, just don't give it to them
6)Black Friday deals aren't as great as people make them seem.