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Quote from robinski_ View Post :
After watching this documentary: , I don't think that's the best idea

they can't catch these guys, or cannot be bothered doing so

with the entire country in debt, covering a couple thousand $ in losses here and there when you make billions each year is pocket change
Quote from ReverseHandedJO View Post :
it would be very easy for the major CC companies like visa, MC, amex to set up some bait CC accounts and make a purchase from rakuten and then sit back and wait to see if anything happens.
Maybe there is a 3rd party opportunity for us!!

Where if Visa/MC etc get enough complaints we investigate, test multiple "dummy accounts" for them and provide some conclusive findings to them and the authorities and get a % of the "savings".

They do the same thing on "To Catch a Predator" they get multiple guys baited up, call the local authorities then finally set up a few day sting. Since it's all done not for profit the hours and days of messaging back and forth etc it doesn't cost them nearly as much.

Too many to name!