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Quote from dbpaddler View Post :
It's funny, these OS based product threads (windows/apple/android) are the only ones where people who don't pike it and have no intentions of buying it, will hang around and continually post again and again why they don't like it and bash and bash. Amazing how people will waste their free time, sitting on a forum for something they don't want just to post the same uninteresting crap over and over again. The fact you feel that strongly about it to keep up the posting is just sad.
Mostly I agree, but there are several other oft-posted topics that attract these kinds of folks too. For example - look up pretty much any thread re: a watch deal, and count the number of people who chime in just to say "who still uses a watch?" or "doesn't your phone give you the time?" or "my $5 timex is just as good as this $200 [insert random watch brand]".