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Quote from gsutoph View Post :
Just got home from GC with a set for my desktop in my home office. Just to save some folks a bit of experimenting, there are a few things to help them sound much better:

- Keep your system volume around 40% as it will subtly start to distort above that. I thought the amp was clipping, but it turned out to be my system volume overloading it. Once you get that right, they will go extremely loud without distortion (at least at volumes my ears can stand).

- Stuff a sock in the each of the back ports and turn on the bass boost. The bottom end is lacking as-is and the bass boost muddies the sound big time. The sock/bass boost combo seems to find a good medium.

Overall these are great for the price. I have a set of Audioengine 2s at my work office and to compare, the Alesis speakers sound thinner, brighter and have less bottom end. However, they're a 1/3 to 1/4 the price (depending on where you buy the Audioengines). I've heard after break in they sound a lot better, so I will update the thread if I notice anything tomorrow.
Thanks for the Tip. Here's another interesting post [] on the bass port modification