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Quote from carlosriosness View Post :
Yes, i have been testing it out.

1) log into your account through PIA and generate a proxy username and password

2) open utorrent and select preferences and then connections

3) look at PIA forums to find Proxy settings (its on front page of forums)

4) copy settings into utorrent with your generated username and password.

5) restart utorrent and you should be good to go.

now your browsers/apps use your regular connection and utorrent uses the VPN

SIDE NOTE: when doing this method you are just using another IP to send data through and not actually encrypting it, so you would also want to select the "encrypt data" option in utorrent as well. (this is what i have gathered form the forums)

this is also secure in the sense that, if the proxy has issues, utorrent will disconnect, vs if you use the client and the vpn drops, utorrent may still run. though people have fixes for that as well. (setting VPN and a public network, and your internet as private, then allowing utorrent to only run on the public network)

also, some people are extra secure and run utorrent with the proxy settings while also using the VPN.

Thanks for the follow up!