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Quote from yeti79 View Post :
COD is like Saving Private Ryan.
That's a stretch.
Quote :
Or maybe the Bond movies.

Quote :
Neither is necessarily better or worse, they're just different.
Agree and disagree. After all, those are subjective opinions. There's no quantitative way to say that one movie's better than another, other than counting the number of people who share your opinion. That said, most people would agree that Citizen Kane is superior to Transformers 2, though I'm sure some people prefer the latter to the former.

But this is pretty much my main point. Everyone has games that they like, be it an FPS, RPG, platformer, puzzler, whatever. Writing off Nintendo games is like writing off Disney/Pixar movies, to continue the analogy. Sure, you can do it, but you're missing out on some of the best movies of the past couple decades. The real big difference between the gamers and movie buffs in the analogy is that you won't hear people who love predominantly horror movies or only westerns or mostly action films call themselves "the most hardcore of movie fans" and make fun of people who watch Disney/Pixar/other genres and/or call for the abolishment of those genres (though most will agree on Uwe Boll). They consider themselves fans of the genre, not the ultimate fans of the media as a whole. We consider "hardcore" movie buffs to be people like Ebert & Roeper who watch literally everything under the sun and thoughtfully (usually) reason about why a film was or wasn't enjoyable based upon what it was trying to do and if it could've done it better. (Hence why I said agree & disagree above. Even if you like the idea of Transformers 2, you would probably admit that it could have been executed in a far superior manner.)

You also have people here talking (incorrectly) about Mario or Zelda in much the same way that someone would bash Star Wars by saying how stupid Spock and Kirk are -- they clearly don't know anything about what they're saying.
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