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Quote from bonkman View Post :
Most people would love if Zelda were released every year. However, the truth says you're talking out your ass. []

What's thought-provoking about shooting stuff in the face? If you think about what happens, Nintendo tackles some deep issues with Pokemon (making wild creatures do your violent bidding as expendable slaves), Pikmin (mining an alien planet for its resources at the expense of its native inhabitants), and Fire Emblem (the nature of death, the cost of war, etc etc). Mature themes are also explored in Metroid and Zelda. Some Nintendo games involve extensive resource management and long-term planning. Some involve quick reflexes and precise movements. Basically every Nintendo game requires some amount of advanced thinking that your average "kid" (meaning 6-7) can't do without some straight up luck (or GameFAQs) or some intense skill (see the "extra" levels in most Mario games).

So nope, wrong again.
Mmm... Pikmin is the only series that's actually close to the Pixar comparison (enjoyable for all and thought-provoking instances/themes for adults); but it's still stifled by Nintendo's cheap production values (no real plot and no VO). Metroid and Zelda are so rehashed that any mature instances/themes they cover are just cliché moral stories now.

It's not to say all other action games with realistic proportions are all "thought-provoking", but at least there's engrossing plot-lines, graphics/animations/music to ogle, and actual VO as substitution pillars. Nintendo's too cheap to compete (for the adult demographic at least); let alone to throw pot-shots against others that innovate more than just their gimmicks.

Making a game skill-based doesn't mean it's for adults.

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