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I was debating on buying this 64gb tablet after loving my 32gb tablet. Was debating giving the 32gb tablet to my family and using the 64gb.

But after some analysis I think I'm going to wait. First of all, I got the 32gb tablet w/ touch cover for $200. To get another 32gb on top of that is not worth the extra $80 cost. I can just get a cheap 32gb or 64gb MicroSD card for the additional storage.

Secondly, with the cripple RT functionality, there's not really much use I'm going to make of the extra storage anyway. I have 13gb free on my 32gb Surface RT, but I don't see how I'm going to use all of it up all of a sudden, as I don't really see many apps worth downloading on the Windows 8 app store. There's no way just using Office that I'll fill up 10gb of space quickly.

So 32gb seems to be more than adequate for me, and paying an extra $80 for the 64gb is not worth it. The 64gb tablet w/ touch cover bundle needs to be around $240 or so to be worth it, imho.

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same group Microsoft idiots held iphone funeral three years ago for their Windows 7 phone, now Windows 7 phone dead nowhere, iPhone is till strong.
Very funny!!! bounce
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