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Quote from kwadguy View Post :
No, there is no good alternative to Office, if you are doing anything other than writing text with minimal formatting. It isn't "more of a pain" with the iPad. It isn't possible with the iPad. The iPad is a toy. A nice toy. But a toy. Not a productivity tool, if your productivity requires generation of documents.
Well thats an arbitrary condition. Claiming "the iPad isn't a productivity tool...if your productivity requires generations of documents" is like saying "the surface isn't a tool...if you have all your music files saved in Garage Band" or a "car isn't a transportation vehicle... if you are crossing a river".

Just because a product isn't the "best" at something doesnt mean they are incapable so why try to declare only one way to be the "right way"? And in the case of Office then if I had an important document then I wouldnt be running to an iPad OR a Surface. I'd go to an actual computer because all these things are capable devices but not necessarily ideal.