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Quote from dzap View Post :
Yeah the problem with that is that it looks and functions exactly the same as Windows 8. Hell..there's even a desktop environment.

Users look at that thinking "Oh okay..I can run my regular Windows apps..", and then realize they can't, and end up returning it.

OSX and iOS look drastically different and one understands what can run on which, not to mention that iOS' ecosystem is much more vast and can provide a similar app replacement to a desktop counterpart.

Microsoft screwed up here. It's not the fact that I and you understand that you can't run standard Windows apps on it...Joe Blow and Mary Jane need to know that too. And if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...well, you can't expect the "average" user to know the difference. They want something that "works", they don't care how it's done. Obviously Microsoft failed considering the huge $900 million loss they had to take on Surface RT.
You know, it's strange. I thought the same thing before RT came out and to this day hear this argument, but only from people who claim they get it but average people won't. I have yet to see any confusion or even stores giving out incorrect info. The product and sales people clearly state that you can only install apps from the store, much like an ipad. But I suppose anecdotal evidence is anecdotal.