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Quote from dbpaddler View Post :
Ummm, show me a refurb laptop/ultrabook that is the weight and dimensions of the Surface w/type cover and has a touchscreen?

And I spelled out everything I need to do on it, and it does the job just fine. Did you not read what I wrote? Your key word was "personal", and not putting this new you, but people need to stop whining how bad RT is for everyone when they have zero clue how people want to use it. Great you have a better solution "for you". Now leave everyone else alone who feels this works for them. Again, not directed at you, just the general direction these statements come from.

Side note.... Friend of mine in school who doesn't even have a laptop. We're hanging out and she says she needs to look something up. I gave her the Surface instead of the laptop, and she said this is so cool. I gave her a tour of it, and she said it would be perfect for carrying around for school. For $200, it's a tough solution to beat if you can ignore the app-a$$es out there.
I'm not fighting with you, I am just saying that for people who aren't you a similarly priced laptop or ultrabook is a much better choice. I don't see the appeal of it, besides the fact that it is cheap. The pro I actually like and will probably get a 1st gen once it goes down in price.

I just don't imagine the average user wanting a tablet for microsoft word with such a small screen without a real keyboard or any application when a cheaper android tablet will have better browsing, more apps, and for about $50 more you can can get a cheap notebook, or even at the same price you can get an atom based tablet.