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Quote from Nausicaa View Post :
I'm not fighting with you, I am just saying that for people who aren't you a similarly priced laptop or ultrabook is a much better choice.such a small screen without a real keyboard or any application when a cheaper android tablet will have better browsing, more apps, and for about $50 more you can can get a cheap notebook, or even at the same price you can get an atom based tablet.
But again, it's not just me. There are plenty of people in this thread that are happy with what RT does do. And I sold the touch cover and bought the type cover. It's a pretty real keyboard to me and cost about $30 more.You talk apps. Why does nobody talk apps in the lynx, ativ or vivobook threads? They don't because a bulk of the apps talked about work just fine as their respective websites in IE. Bookmark, put on the start screen and go. And who really installs all their programs from their home computer onto their travel/on the go laptop? Hardly anyone I know.

I've owned many many android tabs from the the og Transformer to the tab 8.9 with dock and now the Note 8 with many in between. The browsing experience is not better in Android. I hate how chrome and Firefox do tabs in Android. I hate dealing with the User agent choices and how certain sites don't work in Android hence the need for apps. Don't care for dolphin and boat ends up getting me by.

It seems like you and the other detractors want a big tablet version of your phone, and simply put, many do not. Many don't need to replicate all their apps on a tablet. That's why we have our always on us phones. We also have home computers or bigger laptops we don't always carry with us.

And I do have a Dell XPS 12 Duo. I use it when I need it. But when it just me on a typical work day, the Surface does just fine and makes a good companion to my S4. And I haven't tried it yet, but with USB, I believe I can charge my S4 (or hotshot, or mp3 player and so on) from my Surface. Can't do that on my android tabs. And like the XPS 10 and Transformer types, with their dock they are much bulkier than the Surface with type cover. Makes them harder to carry. The less you carry it, the less you use it.

So if you live and die in the Android ecosystem, then it's obvious RT isn't for you. But PRO wouldn't be either. My home laptop doesn't have a minute fraction of the apps that are on my phone. I don't have more than two win8 apps installed. And the only app I have on my home laptop I'd like on RT is Paint Shop PRO. But it's rare I need that on the go, and if I know I do need it, I grab the 12 Duo or settle for Photoshop Express.

Sorry for the run on, and not trying to argue, just explain. If I was the only one who felt this way, this thread would be quite short with many less thumbs. We'll, more so the original thread where the 32gb was $200, making my type cover combo $230.

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