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Quote from TidalWaveOne View Post :
The new Surface 2 looks nice, but at $449, it should include the touch or type cover... just can't compete at that price without it, in my opinion anyway.

Pretty cool that the touch cover is now back-lit though!
I would be in if it's $449 with the type cover.

If you think about it. they shouldn't try to sell it at such a huge margin. as they own the app store also.

Google is huge and they sell the Nexus at pretty low price and hope to gain the $$ back through it's app store and increase in user base.

That should be the path Microsoft should be taking. to build it's userbase up. and so it coaxes developers to make win8 metro apps.

but instead it tries to do an Apple thing by charging high preiumum for it's device. Problem is that the Surface is not "cool" (despite all those young hispter type kids dancing crappy commercial) and not the "in" thing that people buy and it's not a fashion statement like apple products.

With the jail break and ported APPS I pretty much got all the apps I need to be productive.

I'm going to wait for the Surface 2 + power type cover to come out. also to see reviews and make sure the jail break works before buying.

Hopefully someone will buy my TF700.
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