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Quote from pun View Post :
The price is $349 at Sprint. You really think they would drop the price by $100 in few days?
In order to get it at $249, you must port your number AND sign a 2 year contract.
all that is in the OP... the 249 price for new customers and those who can upgrade with a new 2 year contract is at AMAZON.... and it is 249 I bought one... so did Icy13..

but if you go to sprint and see that its 249 there as well for new customers... I didnt check the upgrade price but I said all that in my post... so what are you bitching about?????

Quote from Icy13 View Post :
I can confirm that the price is $249 at amazon for UPGRADE customers. I just bought one and have paid.
wave yep... now we wait for it to arrive.... drool