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Quote from hiburak View Post :
I will wait and buy this when it's $1.99 or $2.99...
You should hold your breath.

Quote from Nausicaa View Post :
Yeah, I was thinking iOS games are usually either free or $1. This is a deal for $10? Doesn't seem like a slickdeal to me!
You're paying for a full-featured port of a retail game that takes upwards of 20 hours for one playthrough and offers hundreds of hours of replayability if you like it.

You could make the argument that you could also play Jetpack Joyride for hundreds of hours for free, but you're paying for a different kind of experience. Directly comparing those two doesn't fulfill the function of ruling this out as a deal - it's the lowest price to date for a quality product that (probably, since I don't know how often/quickly/much 2K discounts their mobile offerings) is unlikely to be any cheaper in the immediate future.

Better comparisons would be to Square Enix, which also offers ports of their library at premium price points: