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Quote from ChuckDLC View Post :
Excellent post. You get what you pay for. The question for me on a game like xcom isn't whether the game is worth the premium price, rather the question becomes are the controls ok. Some of these games are in depth games that will suck away many hours for $10 or less. That said, if the controls stink then it doesn't matter how much quality went into the game design.
The game is turn based and I believe requires confirmation before you make any moves. There are no fast reactions needed in this game, only tactical decisions. I've heard the controls work well, and with the confirmation option there isn't much angst to the different controls.

Personally I picked it up to play while travelling, on the plane or whatnot. It's a very absorbing game, not to be played while multitasking, which I think is much different from other mobile games.
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