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10/28 - 10/31 ONLY: $110 AR + shipping = 2 free games (Silver bundle) + 2GB HD 7850 MSI AMD Radeon ATI video graphics pc gaming card HD7850 2 GB TigerDirect tiger direct
This card was a frontpage deal last week at the same price after rebate at newegg. Now it's at Tigerdirect which some people prefer for tax or cashback reasons.

$140 - $30 dual rebates (one requires original UPC code, the other just a copy) = $110

Some people also have coupons for $10 off $50 that may be used on this as well.

I am not sure if this item is free shipping for everyone or not... if you have to use Econo Shipping, remember to put your street and apartment number ALL ONE ONE LINE or your order will get rejected.

Link to product:

Links to rebates (must order 10/28 - 10/31 to get both of them):



Tigerdirect will mail or email you the code for you to choose 2 of the following games:

Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Sniper Elite V2,Dirt 3, Dirt Showdown
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