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Recap, Friday Nov 1, 2013 click the black arrow next to the username to read the entire post

Quote from babynyc88 View Post :
30% off for candy and snacks
50% on the black dot stuff
50% off on costumes
Quote from Eyesparkle View Post :
...snip The snack packs are 30% off. The mini muffins and frito chips packs were full price. Decor was 50%, bags of candy 30% off. Costumes and household items (tissues, cups, etc) are 50%. The 2 packs of paper towels were full price. Black dot was 50% off in my store even though sign said 30%.
Quote from Mrsmuffie View Post :
A few of yesterday's finds..
Quote from fitzwilly View Post :
...snip... There were still a few packages of bounty napkins, plenty of solo and hefty cups, plates, and some cutlery. No paper towels, and I had a pic of the barcode that I scanned and it rang up full price. If they are full price, it's a mystery as to why they're gone. Perhaps I took a pic of the wrong barcode.

Good amount of pirate's booty at the front and fruit snacks in the back.
Quote from huntress32 View Post :
...snip... costumes are nonreturnable
Quote from KaytM View Post :
Barbie. Decent deal with 50% off (reg. $11.99)
Bought two second one additional 50% (as per ad b1g1 50 off)
so...2 for $9
Quote from crazymonkey1980 View Post :
Hidden toddler halloween shirts, scanned 50 off,
Quote from KaytM View Post :
Saw some Lego bags scanned 50% off
Witch head and Star Wars
Quote from lachie View Post :
Went late today and they still had tons of everything-including plates, napkins, paper towels, Kleenex, Puffs--things I've never seen before at the store. Lots of everything else and candy up the wazoo.
Quote from smitty8 View Post :
I found some of the Halloween Pyrex with pumpkins and bats, could do a missed coupon if there are any. I did find 5 packs of the Solo plates and 8 packs of Diamond black plastic utensils to add to my stash.
Quote from fitzwilly View Post :
Saw a bunch of bins (orange with latch, and clear with purple lid). Orange was ringing up full price but the clear bins with purple kid were ringing up 50%
Clearance Finds:
Quote from lachie View Post :
...snip...Giada red cast iron Panini press at 50% for 24.98,