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Taking advantage of temporarily not having a snootful:

From that list I found a white ale that is better than Sam's offering - Southampton Double White Ale. I was very enthused about trying this beer because of the word "double". It's 7%, but you really can't tell by the taste, undoubtedly because of the citrus. There is a clovey aftertaste and the coriander is very evident throughout but not overpowering. Because of the clove, it reminds me of a bolder, more carbonated version of the Weisenstephaner Hefeweissbier I reviewed some months back (which I also loved). This is the first American white ale I've had that didn't taste slightly watered down, though I honestly haven't had many. So, in my opinion, this brew is #1 in that category (at least until I try the Allagash version).

This brew gets Thumbsup
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