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Quote from GeorgeMcFly View Post :
I'm a bit behind the times.. I keep getting told to NOT buy AMD anymore.. Apparently the intel i3/i5/... series blows away the AMDs in every way?
Quote from charlestaft258 View Post :
Would this PC handle medium graphics of current games? Sorry, I'm not familiar with AMD processors/graphics cards. What would be the intel equivalent? Thanks in advance
Thank you to all the users who commented on this deal and on the AMD A-series APUs' performance specifically. Here is the info I posted in the previous FP thread (and a link to a review):

Quick comparison of the i3 and A10 performance:

A10-5700 is insignificantly slower than i3 but has much better graphics. This PC is a great option for those who are not planning any upgrades: Open the box, hook it up and use it for a few years as is. Set it and forget it kind of thing. More specifically:
Quote :
This processor slash graphics hybrid symbiosis called APU remains hard to beat in terms of features performance and well all the goodness you can expect from a great APU. Value and fun is what the platform offers. Our conclusion stands, a A10 5700 with an A75 or A85X based motherboard for normal daily usage is just fine, it's great for HTPCs and even a game or two albeit in lower resolutions.
AMD A10 5700 review - Introduction - []