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Got the last two at Target at 10AM. That is, 14 hours after the doors opened. Will gift.

I'm assuming these can be run wifi without service activation like other Boost/VM phones. If so, this is just a stupid good deal device to run apps, Chromecast, Netflix, Google Apps, and the above hacked phone services earlier posters mentioned. 4 inch IPS, dual core, for $20? Huh? Why were they still there? It was in the ad for gosh sakes. Why wasn't this FP?

Wonders never cease in the land of SD.

Thanks OP.

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Thanks Slickdealers:

840 blank DVDRs FAR AC
Wood Table Radio CD Stereo with remote FAR
Two Microsoft Bluetooth keyboards FAR AC
All-In-One Printer -$15 PM/AR/AC
Three Extreme III 8GB SD Cards $1 AR/AC/AC
Everything Led Zeppelin Ever Recorded FAC
HP Touchpad $99
Nook HD $79