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Quote from jbrowns22 View Post :
*scared to ask b/c it's prob here* Hide

Is there a way to see all of the reps that I have all of the comments or just the last few? Are the rest lost forever? Sadwalk

Awesome job - lots of work - 2 reps to you!
Don't be scared to ask questions here. The disclaimer in the title "Please read before creating a thread or posting a question!" is there so people will read before they post an obvious question, like "how do I rep?". But if you tried reading this thread (I know it's long but it is sorted by keyword) and you don't see the question, then post it. In this instance, I would look under the keyword Reputation Points <--- (click to go to all the rep questions) and if it is not there, I would post the question. FYI it's not here, so great question! woot

The good news is they are not lost!!! High Five

There are two ways to do this:

  • First and most easiest-- PM a moderator from this list and ask them. Arjunsr even volunteered Big Grin

  • Second and not as good-- If you want to see all your reps from a certain post, go to that post and click on your own rep box as seen in this screen shot []. The downsides to this second option is that you don't know who repped you and when you were repped. Also, this method is post specific, so you have to know the post(s) you were repped in. Not exactly easy when you have been here for over a year.

Thanks for the feedback and I will update the first post Smilie