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I have never registered a warranty and have used their services before. Just filled out the online form for repair under warranty request.

The other points are correct.

But there has been a lot of talk about this and I remember people saying that they got warranty work done even though they bought from let's say Bivalueinc etc... Just can't remember exactly.

Quote from STROBIST View Post :
Keep in mind...for warranty service you need to:

Purchase from authorized dealer
Registered your warranty
Be able to present original sales receipt when requesting repair work

So if you can't claim the above items you will not be eligible for repair work covered under warranty.

You can still get repair work - but you'll pay for it, out of pocket that is.

So weigh the grey market and save money now and hope you don't have a need for repair within what would have been the warranty period. You come out on the good end.

Buy grey market, save money now, need work later - you spend money. How much compared to what you saved will determined whether or not you came out on the good side.

Buy from auth dealer, following process above and have peace of mind during the warranty period.

Me personally, I'll take the savings now (if it is significant) and hope for the best. So far so good in that arena. YMMV.