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I was leaving 2k for Mr. G Wink

Rogue Imperial Stout - This is a damn fine stout. Darkest beer I've ever had - pours pitch black and leaves a dark brown lace on the glass as you drink it. I taste plum, coffee, a hint of grape, and a wee bit of chocolate. Smooth and malty, it leaves a bit behind in the mouth as you drink it, so unless you're used to that, make sure you have something strong to eat with it (I didn't Big Grin) It smells and tastes almost exactly like the DFH Worldwide Stout but finishes without as much of a bite (owing to not having 18% abv.). This is a serious, serious contender for best stout I have ever had, and I am a definite dark beer fan, so I strongly recommend it. I'm going to do away with the point ratings for my beers, as it seems like everything I recommend lately is at least an 8/10, but this would be way up there on my scale.

I also had Adventis Wheat-Doppelbock (really, really tasty brew), DFH Chateau Jiahu (search this thread for my past review), and Rogue Ten Thousand Brew Ale (not too shabby) tonight if you are looking for something else to drink.
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