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Quote from Kryspie View Post :
Im not doing either actually. At 15.6, it should have a 2nd SATA bay open at the very least.

IF this were 14" and below then okay, one SATA bay, but at this size, it should have 2 SATA bays. Preferably THREE!

Sidenote, great price and I wish i didnt just spend $100 on games and $400 on phones this month or i would have considered this buy and raced ahead of my August-December 2014 dates to upgrade my current laptop.
If you want 2 SATA bays, you should look for a laptop that isn't as thin as this one is or a 17 inch model. That's probably why there's only 1 SATA bay and no optical drive. Look at the pictures from the side (LINK []), it's looks like it's slanting down and thinner at the end near the touchpad, which is probably why they didn't include a second bay.

Unfortunately, all of these manufacturers decided to stop putting optical drives in their 15.6" models and making them as slim as possible even if they aren't "Ultrabooks". Oftentimes, they sacrifice expandability (SATA bays) and sometimes practicality. I can appreciate that a lot of people don't always use the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive, but I think eliminating it is a mistake. That's why I personally tend to go for the 17 inch models because they still have them. I'd rather carry around the extra weight and always an optical drive with me (to burn movies, music, etc.) than have to carry an external everywhere, and risk kicking it off the bed and possibly damaging my USB ports.

However, even with that said, comparing this to past deals, it's pretty damn solid laptop for the price.

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