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Broken down by color & model:

White Air - 2911xx (rukster)
Black Air - 29114x (hk082014)
White Mini - 29085x (bangis)
Black Mini - 29087x (woody88)

The link in the OP takes you to the regular page and it does not require SSL to check out! The link above does.

There is an activation fee of $49.99 and a $15 shipping fee.

iPad Mini Retina LTE 16GB (white or black) total for $364.98
iPad Air LTE 16GB (white or black total) for $464.98

Are the iPads locked?
No, all iPads ship unlocked and can be used on any carrier. All iPads are GSM/CDM/LTE capable now, in a single model. You can use this iPad on Tmo, ATT, sprint, vzw, etc. It will not have non-US LTE bands but should work at 3G speeds in the 100 countries they list support on.

Do i need to cancel before getting charged?

No, it states on April 1, 2014 the promo period for 6.5GB/mo of LTE ends - and you will be automatically transitioned to the free 200MB LTE (unlimited non-LTE/international non-LTE) Obviously double check once you receive, but the terms are very clear. The 200MB then unlimited non-LTE plan is new, no one has any experience with it. The terms page says its through 2014, but the support chat staff has said its indefinite.

Is this better than the free 200MB LTE TMO plan?
Yes, this includes unlimited non-LTE both US and internationally. It is not clear what non-LTE is, if that includes 3G or is limited to very slow 2G speeds. IT IS MOST LIKELY "2G"speeds, capped at 128Kbps (16KB/sec) for both international and US after your reach the 200MB LTE in US.

What if I go over 200MB LTE?
You can't, they will turn off your LTE at 200MB and you'll be restricted to non-LTE speeds for the rest of the month. They state they do not charge overages, if you use excessively, tmobile, their provider,may discontinue your service.

The service checker says it has no service at my house
It is broken due to load, if you check tmo coverage maps for non-roaming LTE and 3G you should be good -

These ship with tmobile branded sims.

They have been responsive to questions and there are many, many satisfied buyers from the previous 3 threads on this.

LTE support:
Bands 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,13,17,18,19,20,25,26
This includes all 4 major US cellular providers

If anyone has a screenshot of the iPad Air/iPad Mini Retina prices please post them here as many of us bought this during the last time around and are eligible for Discover Price Protection if there is a screenshot available. Thanks

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