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Quote from fjfjfj View Post :
Regarding sending yourself a gift of Prime membership, dated the day after your expiration date: Anyone know why you can't just send yourself the gift immediately and not actually use it until your membership expires? I'm just not understanding the advice to send yourself a gift now but delay the delivery date until the day after your Prime expiration.

Second question: If I can give myself a gift of one year of Amazon Prime before 4/17, preserving the $79 rate, is there any reason that I can't give myself, say, 5 years of gifts at that price?

Just chatted with a CSR and received the following answer: "The membership gift will never expire as long as it isn't cancelled or redeemed. For example, if the recipient received the gift on January 1st but has a current membership through March 1st, the recipient can wait until March 2nd to redeem the gift membership."
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