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Quote from coldblooded79 View Post :
a 650ti doesn't have a 384bit bus bless your heart. can you say scam?
bus rates double at ddr3 usually to be on the same level speed as ddr5 . Now they could have come out with a ddr3 model in china or something and that's why it's reference. Or it could be the seller listed it wrong and it is a regular 650 and instead of being 384 bus he meant it has 384 cuda cores. A lot of questions maybe ask the seller before buying?

Quote from donovanky View Post :
you'd think that eBay would actually protect you but in several circumstances I've had to contact manufacturers and get notes of inauthenticity in order to get the morons on cs to agree the items shipped were a counterfeit from some dude from china with 100% feedback scamming people. eBay customer support sucks (especially in comparison to a certain rival) and I strongly suggest if there is ANY question to legitimacy you do not take that jump.

That's why you pay with credit card through paypal and chargeback through your credit card company if something goes wrong and you don't agree with paypals decision

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