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Quote from Jcaelum View Post :
I am on the hiring committee for entry/low level analysts for my company (fortune 100 company, i work in financial business unit).

I don't necessarily mind if i see on someone's resume such as yourself that they have left their previous job in ~1 year time (or even if they have "job hopped" a little bit), but you better have legitimate reasons as to why you are working for such short period of times.

If you simply told me "it was more money" that would raise a flag for me. In our business group in can take months for someone entry/low level to get acclimated to our systems, processes, etc. Why waste time training them when they are going to bounce in 1 year playing the salary increase game?

If you told me "I want to work for your company as it is very prestigious / I feel I can progress farther in my personal development here ... plus the money isnt bad and my work/life balance might be better etc etc" then that's fine with me.
Seriously..doubt you will be on the hiring committee want a brownnoser