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Seems like a good idea... Ralph's is great with double coupons... I'll start off I guess Smilie

Hot Pocket Calzones are on sale for $1.80; .75 off coupon (5/13 Val) doubles to $1.50. So you pay .30

Scotch Brite Heavy Duty sponges are free. On sale for $1, $1.00 off coupon in the 5/20 Val, so free Smilie

Quote from HoratioHoney :
Not shop, try to pay, argue, leave with nothing. NO! Shop. Pay. Leave.

I don't let it go b/c that is what THEY are there for. In the immortal words of Martin Lawrence: "Your job is to check coats. CHECK 'EM, B*TCH!!!"

I feel like Sophia in The Color Purple. I have to fight to BUY something? Everyone in my family has had to fight for something important. Equal rights, freedom, the right to vote...I have to fight over some damn Reynold's Wrap?