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Site Suggestions/Problems FAQ
Before asking your question did you search this forum, or read through the faq posted in the hot deals section? Any thread that's about something that's been asked before will be locked. If you find a thread about the suggestion you were about to ask, feel free to bump.

A note on suggesting Sub Forums or new Forums, we feel the less forums the better. If we start dividing out this type of deal and the that type of deal into its own forum it'll create a mountain of work for the mods trying to keep things in the correct forum and also be a pain for the majority who just like to look at what's the best deals going on.

Whenever something where its obvious its taking over the forum, a sub-forum/new forum can be created. So if you want to talk about stocks, tax advice, sports whatever, try out the lounge. a lot of great ideas die because they sound great but when they come around, not many people use it.

Questions regarding a specific deleted post should be addressed to any of the mods.

Nothing you can say will convince us we should have a thread/forum dedicated to referrals. No point bringing it up.

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